Monday, June 29, 2009

Winding down

The major work is done. Today I picked up the front drive shaft from A&I Driveline. Installed it this evening. The barrell or shaft was replaced because the original had a slight bend in it. Would have made for a little vibration. I had to mess with the speedometer cable as it was not working. Works now. Oh and I fixed the battery so it fits nice and tight.

The jeep starts and sounds great. Purrs like a kitten. I was thinking the exhaust system was going to need to be replaced, but with a little work it is nice and tight and sounds good. I messed with the 4-wheel drive this evening. It all seems to work fine. I did notice it doesn't fit the pattern on the shifter knob though. Probably not the original knob.

Yesterday I took apart the steering column to replace the key lock cylinder. Now that was interesting. It would be easy next time, but that first time - boy I wasn't for sure what I had gotten into. Notice the coyote call blinker knob. It was the first thing I found that fit and it stuck.

Also put the spare tire rack back on and fixed it so it didn't rattle. I think it looks better with the spare tire on the back.

Well, I believe I'm ready to get it inspected and hit the road or off-road.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Additonal pics

Saturday 27, 2009

Work on gas tank. Fuel gauge wasn't working
I purchased a new float and sending unit.
It works now!

It's alive.

Well, I was looking forward to today all week as my plan was to start it up and drive it. I began with the fuel tank. It was in worse shape than I imagined. I will be ordering a new tank as this one is rusted bad inside and out. I patched a hole in the tank first thing and ground all the rust off the tank and skid plate. Once it was all repaired and painted I reinstalled it. I flushed out all the fuel lines and intalled new filters. Other than the fuel tank I had to finish mounting the clutch rod and the rest of the mechanism underneath. I wasn't satisfied that the distributor was installed correctly so I read my book and decided to turn it 1/2 turn and moved all the plug wires. (Good decision as it all worked.) Topped off the antifreeze checked everything over one more time and gave it a go. I had Becki turn the key, but we had minimal success as it only ran on the gas I was pouring in the carburator. I bought a new fuel pump and tried it again . BINGO it started and ran perfect. At 3:54 pm I had a smile on my face. Really sounded nice and smooth. I decided to finish a little project on the front disc brakes before the first test drive. I took it out for a short trip around the neighborhood and it started raining so I put it up for the day and cleaned the garage, put away all the tools and installed the passenger seat. Now I'm ready to detail the interior and work on other items as I have time. Im excited about taking it out and about. It really scoots around and is fun to drive! Attached are a few pictures of the first outing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Grill is back.

It looks odd to see the hood closed again with the headlights and grill. It definitely improves the curb appeal of our house when the garage is open.

Before and after.

Just about finished. I need to pull the fuel tank this weekend and purge all the old gas out of the system. Once I have clean fuel I'm ready to turn the crank. Thought it would be interesting to see some before and after pics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Look working parts!

It's coming together one piece at a time.

Fathers day in the garage.

Saturday evening I ended the day with the installation of the transmisson, transfer case and exhaust. Today we started with Church then Becki took me to Furr's (reminds me of growing up) for Fathers day. This afternoon I worked on the jeep, but not at yesterdays pace. I enjoyed watching the US Open in the garage while I worked and Becki grilled some great burgers for dinner in the backyard. GREAT DAY!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bean's Machanic Shop

Today the neighbors were saying "There goes the neighborhood". I had parts, pieces, motor-lift, transmission, trailer and tools scattered all over the place. I really didn't know where to start and changed my mind all morning; made three trips to the parts store and one to the car wash, but I finally got in a grove and didn't stop until I had the engine, transmission, transfer case and exhaust all reinstalled. It sure is a lot cleaner going back in then when I took everything out. See pictures for some idea of what's going on. I didn't take any pictures this evening, but all the main components are back in place. Tomorrow I hope to do a lot of the detail work on and around the motor. I probably could start it up tomorrow, but I want to take off the fuel tank and clean it out first. I'm further along than I thought I'd be. It's been an enjoyable day and I didn't even cut myself or mash a finger.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here we go...

Today has been a while getting here. The engine rebuild was supposed to take 3 weeks, but you know how that works. As it turns out it was a good decision to rebuild the motor as the valves were in really bad shape and the head was cracked. I would have had one problem after another.

Now I'm ready to go! Block has been bored, new pistons and rods, new head, valves, turned cran, new cam shaft, and new metal valve cover, paint and a fresh look.

Now I'm excited about working on the jeep again.